As we become closer to living in the Age of Aquarius, many of us may feel confused through the shifting of various energy fields in and around us.  There certainly has been a lot of shifts occurring over the past several years, and for many more of us, over the past few years as the energy began to really kick things into high gear.  While many of us have already begun to live within the Aquarian Age, we may (at times) be experiencing aspects of ourselves that are still living within the Piscean Age, which is what may be causing a good amount of confusion for us.  Essentially living as two beings at once.  And believe me, there are many, many more forms of you than just the two… but that’s for another article. 😉

*Key ideas and values that characterized the Piscean age were duality, separation between self and other and self and God, self sacrifice, and the need to find salvation outside of ourselves.  There was a real focus on materialism, the need to
acquire more, and the idea that “more was better”.  Piscean thought was intellectual, driven towards technology, complexity and sophistication.  An age of individualism with the driving thought (either conscious or
unconscious) of every man for themselves.*

My personal transition over the holidays was experienced through a high flux of energy, which brought up a lot of my old energies.  This type of energy flow has been present within and around me for the past 3 new year transitions, and even though it’s become relatively familiar, it still sparked a good deal of “???” in my mind.  I’m writing about it now, partially because I sense it may be helpful to some of you, and also because I am needing to release the residual angst through written (or in this case, typed) word.

What was at the core of my transition was the apparent opportunity to release the idea that “more is better”, as described above regarding the Piscean Age.  The larger part of me has shifted into living in the Aquarian Age, which is about living in the heart, where we trust that everything we will ever need will be provided to us, with ease.  So, living in this space of faith and surrender is vastly different from living in a space of “I need…”, which briefly describes the “old” energies that many of us are transitioning through.

When working with my clients, I use the metaphor of a garbage can to describe these phases of transition.  If we picture ourselves as a container of energy (the garbage can… I realize not the most likely descriptive term for our beautiful selves, but bear with me) and much of our lives we have filled that container with a lot of garbage (fears, separation from Self and other, limitations, needs, stress, worries, judgment etc.), until we come to a point in life where we begin to see the container from a broader perspective (waking up).  It is from this vantage point where we are able to see a different vision for the purpose of our container, and begin to make new choices.  Perhaps we envision filling the container with healthy soil and plant beautiful flowers within it… or possibly create a serene fountain of flowing water with inviting carved stones lining it.  These are beautiful visions, and as we consciously choose to recreate our container (our Self) we naturally begin the process of removing all the garbage that has been stored in it throughout the years, and lifetimes.  Many of us have removed most of the garbage, and have been enjoying the clean, clear, pristine space within and through out our container.  One thing to remember is that there are still a few items at the bottom of the container that are still being lifted out… items that we, much of the time, don’t notice because they’re pretty far in there, and it’s dark, so we don’t see them when we are busy putting together our fountains and gardens.  And because that new, open space is so pristine and clear and flowing with very high vibrations, it can feel rather uncomfortable to say the least when an old, low vibration scrap of garbage is being lifted out.  It is not in alignment with the higher vibrational space we are now residing in.  Please remember here, that nothing is ever good or bad, it all simply IS.  And, we are all experiencing a major transition now, and everything is Divinely perfect.

Over the holidays, I could feel my Higher Self literally pulling these energies up and through me.  Please recognize that our Higher Selves never, ever act alone.  I had fully signed up for this, although I didn’t receive the memo that it would be happening at quite the time it did… which also ‘happened’ to coincide with PMS… ha, ha, Higher Self.  Good one. 😉

I, along with all my guidance, have brought more old energy to the surface so that I may look at it clearly and make a new choice.  My conscious choice is to continue on with letting go, and trusting in God to all ways provide for me.  So much of the old energy represented a belief of “not enough”.  This mental patterning has branches that stem out in all areas of our lives, yet many of us may not realize it.  Any time we ‘push’ for more, we may not be realizing that we are supporting a belief of “not enough”.  Whether it be money, relationships, health, peace, balance… we may find an opportunity to let go and realize we are enough, each moment.  And when we realize we are enough, we realize we have enough, and that we will all ways have more than enough… it is the absolute truth of our existence.

*The Aquarian Age that many have already begun to move into is a complete transition to a Heart-centered world.  Instead of being driven by the head and the intellect, decisions and actions will come from the Heart.  People will need to find the balance between the head and the Heart.  With this will come the awakening of our spiritual energy and we will step into our own power and True potential.  In this awakening, God will be reintroduced and we will realize that we are not and never have been separate from “It”.  In this Aquarian Age there will be peace, understanding, and happiness unknown today. *

2010 was beyond amazing in my world, and I know in my heart that 2011 will be nothing short of spectacular!  I can’t say I know what the year holds, but I can say I know who I am and how I intend to be in the coming year.  I AM ALIVE with love and excitement for life, and in this moment I release any need to plan out what I will DO this year, as I choose to be alive with inspiration in each moment, feeling the exhilaration from knowing that I AM an essential and integral aspect of life that makes this awesome universe tick.  What amount of any ‘thing’ could be more valuable than that?

* excerpt from an article in Seeds Productions program, December 2008

“To be reincarnated in the human world is hard.  You have to have enough Human Quality.  You have to have affinity with the parents, and with the society, with the people around which you are born.  Very difficult.  To be a human, you need some merit.  You have done something good in the past in order to be able to pick a human birth.”

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

Be Love.

(… pass it on!) 🙂


Comments on: "Transition into 2011 and Beyond" (6)

  1. Gerri Lust said:

    Thank you for sharing Tina! I love the passage about letting go and realising that we are enough, and that is all we need to be. Thank you… Thank you…Thank you. You were right. You needed to share it, and I am so thankful you did because I needed to hear it!

  2. Thank YOU for sharing as well Gerri! I am so happy it was a helpful and timely message for you. “Funny” how the universe does that, isn’t it? 😉

  3. Nicole Leighton said:

    Not only was the timing of this one ABSOLUTELY perfect, the way you share it and the message you share is such a gift. Thank you for this Tina. As a girl who had a lot of the crap at the bottom of her garbage can coming up over the holidays, this post is SO relevant, SO special and offers SO much comfort and support that I’m keeping the email and reading it daily.
    You are a goddess! 🙂

  4. Oh I am SO glad Nicole! It is indeed a special gift when we realize we are not alone in this life… thank you so very much for sharing your joy and love… and garbage! 😉
    I AM a goddess, and it takes One to know One. xo

  5. Diane Korol said:

    I really like the metaphor! Sometimes, like during the self-induced stress of trying to make Christmas “all I want it to be”, it is as if I get sticks and bang around in my can making loud noises and giving myself a head ache. At first thought, it seems a crazy and ineffective cway to reduce stress ….. but later I noticed the crap I loosened up, lightened up and lifted out! My can keeps getting more and more beautiful ….. There are gentler ways that I might try one day…. but for now, I am grateful for any and ALL ways that help to clear, cleanse and release.
    From another “garbage goddess” 😉

    • Diane Korol said:

      It says my comment is awaiting moderation…. hopefully awaiting spell-check too hehehe

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